I have to admit, I do these tallies weekly with a smile on my dial.

I watch a lot of footy. I’m that guy – the one when you ask my missus how things are  going, she kind of half smiles and says great, but what she is really saying is “well, we have to watch a lot of football”.

And we do. I run this site and in order to make it something different, I have to put the time in. Sometimes I sit back, feel fatigued and think maybe I should just go back to my job, do a damn good job there and be done with it. But I wouldn’t be having fun.

It’s times like this when I start to see our defensive rankings taking shape after three weeks of footy that I have no question that it is all worth it. Truthfully, this takes me hours to compile, ensuring I’ve got things right and that players have been scored properly.

Then I get to this stage and I am rapt. Not just because the job is done for the week, but because I can start to see the fruits of my labour, and I like the way it is taking shape.

Below are the defensive player rankings for week three, and looking at the top five for the week makes me happy. One is a great news story, another is a tagger and another is a good old-fashioned contest killer. I feel like the mix could be just about right.

So, thanks to those who have jumped on and supported us as Inner Circle Members. I sincerely hope that seeing this play out over the remainder of the season will generate as much interest for you as it does for me. There is bugger-all to recognise great defenders apart from six (if they’re lucky) spots in the All-Australian team. While this is small, insignificant potatoes compared to an honour like that, I know of at least one AFL defender that’s a fan of the system, and that is enough to make me content.

Let’s get on with it for Round Three.

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