Round Two is done and dusted, and some of the bigger scorers in last season’s Player Power Rankings haven’t fired a shot.

Without giving too much away, the first couple of rounds have no Danger, no Dusty and no Cripps in the top ten. That doesn’t mean they won’t be awarded Brownlow votes though, right? They seem to get them regardless of how they play at times.

But in the formula we’ve designed, which takes into account pertinent statistical measurements for their positions, combined with both our own Mongrel votes and the coaches’ votes, they haven’t fared very well… yet.

With that in mind, things will be looking very different once we compile our first combined rankings following Round Four.

Until then, however, we are assessing things round by round for our Inner Circle Members.

The combined rankings will be available to all after Round 4/8/12/ and following the last game of the season, but for weekly updates and weekly results, this is bonus content.

So, let’s take a look at the top ten for each position, and the overall standings for Round Two.

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