In this day and age, where people are roasted on social media for an opinion that is even slightly different to the masses, it can be tempting to keep your mouth shut and move onto the next topic.

But where’s the fun in that?

Having a difference of opinion is okay, however, I don’t think I am alone in noticing how quickly people are getting fired up in this period where we’re all stuck home with our fam…  errr, I mean “at home, enjoying the wonderful company of our loved ones.”

Yes, much better.

So, in the spirit of brief and polite exchanges of ideas, here are a few of the opinions I have about footy that may or may not be received poorly. All in the name of robust debate and good fun.

Is Patrick Cripps a bit overrated for his role? What is going on with rule-change proposals? Are the AFL too knee-jerk in their reactions to physicality in the game? Does Essendon deserve some respect for their rebuild? When will this damn season get back up and running?

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