COVID-19 is impacting everyone. Jobs are being lost, or are in limbo, and social isolation is causing a lot of anxiety amongst the general population. As of today, 80% of AFL staff have been stood down. EIGHTY PERCENT. It’s a phenomenal number – that’s just one segment of Australia.

The Mongrel situation:

Our situation is as follows. The Mongrel Punt runs out of our living room. Literally. We record our podcast underneath a loft bed. The overheads are low, and so far, all income has gone back into improving The Mongrel and creating a float (thank goodness for that). At the moment, we have enough in the coffers to keep the site up and running for 2020. We have every intention of continuing on until it’s not viable to do so.

There’s no footy – so what are we going to write about?

Great question. We’ve got a bit lined up and are focusing now on what we can write about that isn’t just a COVID-19 misery puddle. Our writers are coming up with things they want to write about (Matt Oman has a cracking series lined up… no pressure, Matt!), but we’d love your input as well.

Not all of it will be serious. There will be some absolutely stupid articles that we come up with – the movie star draft was just the beginning.

We don’t know what will be free and what will be members only. In order to survive, we’re going to try to maintain the number of member articles – we want to retain as many readers as possible overall, but it’s essential that our members get bang for their buck. They are literally how we stay afloat. That said, we want to give people an escape from what’s going on, regardless of membership status. We’ll do our best.

We’ve got some amazing writers, and hopefully we can come up with some new and interesting things to tide us all over. We delayed our podcast this week as there was so much going on over the last 48 hours that anything we recorded would have been outdated by the time you heard it. We’re recording tomorrow.

We’re going to keep going, and we hope you stick around while we do.

Thanks for all your support to date.