Marsh Series Complete Player Power Rankings


Before I begin, please note that this is a member-only article, and these will remain as such for the remainder of the 2020 season. Furthermore, this content is exclusive to second-tier “Inner Circle” membership.

On a weekly basis, I will be applying the revised Power Ranking formula to all games played and issue a weekly ranking in five categories – Defenders, Forwards, Midfielders, Rucks, and an overall combined ranking.

These will be available to Inner Circle and Coaching Box Members, as outlined in membership options, and will be released on Monday/Tuesday following each round. A complete Top 50 Player Power Ranking issued for all on the main site after Round Four, and every three weeks thereafter. This is ADDITIONAL CONTENT to that which we produce on our main site, and it is something we were producing for our Patron page before bringing membership in-house. As such, it’s nothing new. Please don’t complain – this wasn’t available to everyone initially, anyway.

So, if you’d like to join and support the site, it is greatly appreciated. If not… that’s fine as well. Cheers

This content is for Inner Circle and Coaching Box members only. Want to read more?