Recently on our Mongrel Punt podcast, a listener sent in a question that took a little pondering. Not too much – just a little.

The questions was – which team is one injury away from disaster in 2020?

It got me thinking, and I quickly narrowed it down to two teams that would feel adverse effects of one prominent injury. Not an enjoyable train of thought, but one I hopped on for the ride, anyway.

I initially thought about the Western Bulldogs, but they have such a talented midfield that losing someone the likes of Marcus Bontempelli might hurt, but wouldn’t completely ruin them. I thought about Richmond and Dustin Martin… I mean, who would go on to dominate September for the Tigers if Dusty wasn’t available (the answer is probably Dion Prestia)?

I ran through a few other teams as well, but I kept coming back to two teams.

Carlton and Fremantle.

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