If there is one thing I love about this time of year, it’s the AFL media making things up to stay in the news.

AFLM, anyone?

Actually, the thing I actually love about this time of the year is the rampant speculation about players in the upcoming season. For the most part, we get the same version of the player from the year before, and dependent on their pre-season, there may be a marginal improvement.

But we don’t really want marginal improvements, do we? We don’t like slow progression with the possibility of great results. We want sudden impact, and huge strides made by players we’ve been waiting for years to have the penny drop.

Is that what we’ll see in 2020? Is this the season that a significantly trimmer Charlie Dixon fulfils the potential he once showed, and tops 50 goals in a season? Is this the season that Jake Carlisle finally stops waiting for things to fall in place and puts them there of his own volition? Is 2020 the year that Cam Rayner kicks it all into gear?

We’ve all got those we believe will find their way and have a breakout season, and The Mongrel is no different.


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