So the byes have been and gone for this season… thank God.

Not only do they disrupt the season, but they are a killer when working out our Player Power Rankings, with two ranking periods compromised across the three weeks. I’ve heard discussion about the byes being condensed into one weekend next season, and aligned with a mid-season draft/trade period.

Now that’d be something to occupy us, and everyone would get a break at the same time. Too sensible?

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Now, if you’re new to this, please give yourself a refresher. We compile these rankings fortnightly. 100% weighting is given to players over the previous four rounds, with previous rounds weighted at 50%.

1st Rankings – published after R4

2nd Rankings – published after R6

3rd Rankings – published after R8

4th Rankings – published after R10

5th Rankings – published after R12

The weighting reflects players who are both surging, and have a good body of work behind them. It allows for a lot of movement within the rankings, and can see players make huge runs based on four weeks of really good footy.

The four positions are rated differently. Defenders are assessed on things like Rebound 50s, Intercept Possessions, and One-Percenters, amongst other things. Mids for Inside 50s, clearances and both number and quality of disposals. Forwards for tackles inside 50, contested marks, and score involvements. And Rucks are scored on hit outs, clearances and sneaking forward to snag a couple of goals. Disposal efficiency is a big factor for the backs, who can accumulate easily, and also for outside mids. There are heaps more criteria used, but I’m not here to give it all away. This is ours, damn it!

I’m not saying this is the definitive system for ranking players – it has several flaws I’m already looking to adjust in the off-season, but this is where we’re starting, and I reckon we’re getting a great picture of who is in red hot form, who is starting to slip, and who never really got going this season.

So let’s start with the defenders.















Rampe tops the defenders for the second ranking in a row, but there has been a marked drop off in production across the board from the best backmen in the game this period. Hurn’s injury, Sicily’s move into attack and a couple of ordinary performances at the top have opened the door for the number one defender spot in the next period.

Rory Laird is starting to display the consistency he had in 2018, and Tom Stewart had a nice double figure intercept possession game in Round 14.

The sometimes-maligned Jake Lloyd continues to rack up a mountain of disposals, and it beggars belief that teams don’t throw a defensive forward at him to curtail his influence off half back. He is at 34.75 disposals per game over his last four outings, and is dwarfing his 2018 numbers in what has to be close to an AA season after making the squad of 40 last season.



Michael Hurley, Mark Blicavs, Brodie Smith and Jack Crisp are all around the mark, as WAS Jeremy McGovern but a week on the sidelines due to suspension will hurt him. I legitimately thought we’d see him in the top ten by now, with intercept marks and spoils rated so highly in this category, but he has been on the cusp over and over.

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Partial Wrap for your car? Vinyl Media has you covered. Clink the pic and support those who support The Mongrel.















This is where the action was, with the top four all scoring heavily in one of the past two weeks. Fyfe had made the big leap. He was the eighth-ranked mid just two weeks ago, but his last four games have been sublime, and combined with Freo getting wins on the board, it’s aided him vaulting up the ranks

Travis Boak is the other to make a move, as his stellar season continues to defy those who thought he was past even being part of Port Adelaide’s midfield rotation, let alone the man carrying it.

Treloar seems to be on the cusp of something great, but he has been for most of the season. Whilst he continues to rack up the 30+ disposal games, he rarely troubles any of the other trigger-points to enact points. If he puts it all together for a fortnight, he has the solid body of consistent work behind him to give the #1 mid position a real shake.



Josh Kelly, Patrick Dangerfield and Stephen Coniglio are all thereabouts, but it is the move of Jack Macrae that has thrust himself into contention.

Macrae’s last month has been huge, with back to back games where he has been the best midfielder, both offensive and defensive, on the park.
















Look at these damn Cats. Three in the top four AGAIN! Amazing what winning will do, huh?

Nice surprise here is that Michael Walters cracks the top ten forwards overall, despite being assessed as a mid in plenty of games as well. You’ll see this reflected in his improved standing in the overall rankings. Walters is one of a few that legitimately plays a couple of positions. Blokes like him and Robbie Gray can seamlessly move into the midfield and tear teams to bits, then bob up in the forward line and snag a few goals, and Walters has been snagging more than a few goals recently.

Charlie Cameron could be poised to make a move, given he finally found his kicking boot and returned five goals straight this past round after being very inaccurate for the first half of the season.

Adelaide’s Tom Lynch has had a great year to date, but seems to miss the occasional game here or there, which hurts him here. His hard work up and back aids him in accruing 20+ disposals regularly, and his ability to be involved in the plays that result in Crows scoring shots is uncanny.



I mentioned Robbie Gray above, and after a tough start to the season, he is starting to move into position to strike. Both him and Tim Membrey sit just outside the top ten, but you’d think Gray would be the one most capable of turning in a blinding performance or three to vault him up the rankings.

As much as we’ve lamented his form, Jack darling is next in line following those two, with the mark-kick man, Ben Brown trailing him. Buddy was also in the mix there, but it looks like this hamstring injury will keep him out of the top ten for the season.















Grundy holds his spot again, but Gawn is edging closer, bolstered by his mammoth outing against Grundy a couple of weeks ago. Sure, it came out that Grundy was struggling, but he sure as hell didn’t seem to be struggling the following week against Tim English, did he?

Reilly O’Brien and Rowan Marshall at 3-4 are a clear indication that the new breed of ruck is not just on its way – it’s here! And Lycett’s huge outing to crush Rhys Stanley and the Cats aids him in vaulting back into the top five.



Tom Hickey rides his clearance work to next in line for a top ten spot, with Mumford, Stanley and Cal Sinclair not too far away. Sinclair, in particular, was wonderful against Hawthorn, disposing of both Ben McEvoy and Jonathon Ceglar in a display that could have indicated to Hawthorn that playing two rucks is a bit redundant when neither of them are playing good footy. Thanks Captain Hindsight.

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Cool van, huh? That’s what Vinyl Media can do for your business. Click the pic and tell ‘em The Mongrel sent you.


(Previous ranking in parenthesis)



Goldy has had moments this season where he’s turned the clock back, most notably his 57 hit out, 28 disposal game against the Dogs. Currently ranked fourth overall in hit outs, Goldy still has a bit left in the tank.



Looked to have worked things out, as his run and carry from full back after kick ins absolutely carved up the magpies and Lions in consecutive weeks. Other coaches took notice, and both Port and Melbourne would not allow him to get on his bike. Currently sixth overall in total rebound 50s.


48 – ZAC WILLIAMS (50+)

Missed a couple with a hamstring injury, which saw him out of the rankings last fortnight. Truth be told, I thought he’d be out of the running here longer, but he’s back in a big way. Has had 25+ disposals six times this season, and has gone over the 600 metres gained mark on four occasions.


47 – RORY SLOANE (44)

Tackles, clearances, inside 50s… Sloane does a bit of everything, and does it regularly. Has been very consistent this season, and in truth, probably needs one of those 30disposal, ten tackles and ten clearance games to catapult him up the ranks. That’s the sort of stuff Brad Crouch has been doing to a degree for the Crows this season.


Really surprised he’s still hanging on in this version of the rankings, having been injured early in Round 12, and missing the next game. Prior to that, he’d had 30+ disposals in eight games for the year.


45 – LUKE SHUEY (18)

A bit of a slip after two quieter week either side of the bye, but with a solid body of work behind him, one big game will see Shuey vault up the list. Had a purple patch between Rounds Seven to 11, with double figure in both tackles and clearances in multiple games.



Bont finally hit some stat-triggers this past week, which helped elevate him back into the mix here. With 30 touches and ten clearances, Bont was one of the best on the ground, but really his overall stats have been excellent all season, with 6+ clearances on nine occasions.


43 – BRAD HILL (48)

Having a great season, Hill continues to run until opponents simply cannot go with him anymore. With five 30+ disposal outings to his name, Hill is currently sitting at a career-high 24.8 disposals per game, +4.1 on his 2018 numbers.


42 – LUKE PARKER (50+)

Not sure how he can be underrated, but he is. Still capable of taking the game by the scruff of the neck, Parker did just that in Round 14, with a 31 disposal, 12 tackle outing against the Hawks. He has quietly gone about compiling a very handy season, and is just 0.6 touches per game behind his career-high season (2016)


41 – CALEB DANIEL (50+)

Getting a heap of it as he retreats to half back for the dogs, but I’ve been a little critical of some of his decision-making. Looks to take the most difficult kick on every occasion, which can be a blessing, or a curse. He is +7.1 disposals on his 2018 numbers.


40 – JARROD WITTS (40)

You know why he’s in here. Hit outs, hit outs and more hit outs. The Gold Coast co-captain continues to score heavily in that area, with 40+ taps on nine occasions. He’s also had 5+ clearances on five occasions as well, taking advantage of taking the ball from the ruck cleanly.


39 – JOSH DUNKLEY (50+)

Like Macrae, Dunkley has started finding plenty of the footy, and with the Dogs going 3-4 in their last seven, he’s actually getting rewarded with extra points, hence his arrival in the top 50. He has averaged 34.5 touches per game over the last four games, and with double figures in score involvements and tackles part of his scoring matrix, he could have a huge finish to the year if he continues.


38 – SCOTT LYCETT (50+)

Was he a little handcuffed working in tandem with Ryder? I guess we’ll find out this weekend when he goes against Brodie Grundy’s whipping boy, Tim English. Lycett should be licking his lips, getting to go one-on-one with a ruck who does not yet appreciate the beauty of physical ruck work.



He is so hot and cold, but when he’s hot, he will scorch teams. Has had one good game in his past four, which seems to be about his ratio overall, but his tackles inside 50 have aided him over the course of the season.



Whilst many have lamented his inaccuracy this season, the last five games have returned 14 goals for Cameron, to go with his nine behinds, which is a drastic improvement. Can bob up and change the trajectory of a game in five minutes, as we saw against the Saints.


35 – ELLIOT YEO (33)

He has had double figure tackles in four of the last six games as he seems to have made it his purpose to annoy the living shit out of opposition mids. Unlike other defensive-minded mids, Yeo also wins plenty of the footy, averaging 24.3 touches per game in 2019.


34 – TOM LYNCH (ADEL) (31)

If he’d not missed a game this season, we may be talking All-Australian for Lynch. Back to his best, hard running style, he is averaging 21.7 touches per game, and the last time we saw him in a Crows jumper, he amassed 26 touches, 13 marks and three goals in a best on ground performance. Needs to get back this week and have a big one to re-establish himself in these rankings. Should be a top ten player.



Hasn’t had the same contest-murdering numbers in recent weeks, but leads the league in 1%ers per game, and is always a chance to rack up big numbers in both spoils and intercept possessions. Has had 10+ 1%ers on seven occasions, and 10+ intercept possessions three times.


32 – TOM PAPLEY (37)

His ranking is buoyed by his blistering 27-disposal and five goal blast as the Swans turned up the heat on the Eagles a couple of weeks ago, but he has definitely taken the step forward that Sydney required of him this year. Emerging as a leader, his hard run ability to bounce of tackles turns any situation he’s involved in, into a scoring opportunity.


31 – JAKE LLOYD (28)

Here are his last four weeks. 35, 34, 42 and 28 touches. Week after week, Lloyd receives the handball and goes, hitting targets around 85% of the time. This is why he is rated higher than Caleb Daniel. While they both get a ton of it at half back, Lloyd does not turn it over, and will actually win a one-on-one when it’s his turn to defend. We can’t say that for Daniel.


30 – DOM SHEED (32)

He may be remembered for that goal, or for the goal against Collingwood this season, or for the other banana goal he kicked on the run recently…

Actually, he’ll be remembered for plenty other than that one goal. With five games with 30+ disposals, Sheed is now entrenched in the Eagles’ midfield, and once he gets going, he is almost impossible to stop.


29 – RORY LAIRD (45)

He’s starting to roll now. In his last four games, he has averaged 29.75 touches, and he is starting to accumulate intercept possessions as well. If you’re going to give the Crows of using Laird out of defensive 50, they’re going to take it every time.


28 – ANDREW GAFF (26)

Someone questioned me on Gaff’s relatively low standing in these rankings recently. I’ll try to explain it. We are assessing players in multiple categories, but Gaff is excelling in just one – finding the footy. He has had 30+ touches in nine of his 11 games this season, but has hit triggers in none of the other criteria we’re using. He’s probably lucky we weren’t deducting points for turnovers, as he has two games with 10+



This guy has completely slipped under the guard of most (I was on him before it was cool, baby) but with his ability to win clearances, and a willingness to match it with the best in the game, Marshall will be finding his name mentioned alongside theirs soon enough.



Rated as both a forward  and defender, Walters has put it all together in 2019, and should claim his first All-Australian selection even if he runs at 90% of what he’s done this season. With 13 goals in his last four games, and an average of 23 touches per game make him one of the most dangerous players in the game


25 – JACK MACRAE (50+)

One of the big movers on the back of two huge games of 37 and 42 disposals in the last couple of weeks. He has clocked 30+ disposals seven times this season, and with 21 tackles in the last two weeks, has proven he is a player that can work both ways.


24 – TOM STEWART (29)

As a rebounding half back flanker, his lowest disposal total for the season is 21. Has had double figure rebound stats four times. Has been agonisingly close to hitting the trigger point for intercepts as well, which would no doubt improve his overall standing.



A bit of a fall from grace, but there are reasons. He was serviceable in the win against the Bombers, with 17 touches at 100% efficiency, but low disposal totals fail to trigger points, and combined that with the bye and a week missed due to injury, and Hurn is relying on his previous body of work to keep him this high in this period.

22 – JOSH KELLY (21)

He is currently on a run of five-straight games of 30+ disposals as he continues to cruise around gathering disposals at will. His 31 disposals and ten tackles against the Dees was a wonderful effort, and he continues to produce, averaging 31.5 touches per game over the last four.


A dominant display against Richmond sees Danger improve his standing. His 38 touches and eight inside 50 disposals were the catalyst for the Geelong assault on the Richmond side that seemed to have no answer.

20 – JAMES SICILY (13)

The move to the forward line has not been fruitful in terms of racking up points in these rankings. Gone are the points for disposals, rebounds and intercepts, and they’ve been replaced by… very little over the past two games. You have to wonder whether Clarkson’s forward experiment with Sicily will jeopardise what looked like an All-Australian defender season?


19 – TOM HAWKINS (8)

The big fella drops 11 spots, largely on the back of a mark-less, goal-less outing in Round 14, where Tom Clurey and the Port Adelaide Power brought him back to earth after an incredibly consistent season to that point. Prior to that, Hawkins has a string of five straight games with four goals, holding him in good stead to bounce back with a big performance in the next fortnight.


18 – REILLY O’BRIEN (46)

What a great story. From a bloke who couldn’t get a run to the one of the best-performed rucks of the season. It must be noted that O’Brien did not play the first couple of rounds of the season before Sauce Jacobs went down injured. He could actually be higher if he had his opportunity earlier! With 34.55 hit outs per game, and 3.45 clearances as well, ROB is having a stellar season as a replacement ruck.



If I call him the best goal-kicking mid in the game, is it
too much of a stretch? Coniglio has hit the trigger for points in goals on three occasions this year – better than any other mid in the game. He has had 30+ on five occasions, but has only topped that mark once in his last seven outings. He needs a big game to push into the top ten.


Look, I don’t know what to tell you – he keeps doing the little things to get his nose in here. He tackles, he gets plenty of it as a high half forward, but with two zeroes in the last two weeks he will need something this weekend to bolster that body of work he’s put together. Maybe the slide has started?


15 – DANE RAMPE (5)

A bit of a drop off as a couple of his big games drift back into the 50% weighting area, but Rampe is still a force to be reckoned with. Fourth in both total rebounds and intercept possessions, the guy is having a ripping year, despite what you see on highlight… or lowlight reels.


14 – TIM TARANTO (19)

He keeps doing the tough stuff, and I love it. Ranked fifth in tackles per game, he has hit double figures in that category three times, and came within a mark and handball of notching a rare quadruple double last round, with 21 kicks, nine handballs, nine marks and ten tackles. That feat has not been achieved since 2015.



A big last three games has seen Oliver start the climb back toward the top ten, with averages of 31 touches and 8.66 clearances over that period. His hands would have to be some of the quickest, and cleanest in the game. I know some have criticised him for releasing the ball too quickly when he gets it, but at times I can’t understand that way of thinking. If he wants to get the team off and running, sometimes moving it quickly, is, you know… beneficial.



Still plugging away, and his overall body of work was boosted by his monster game against the Lions a few weeks back. However, after this week, that game starts being weighted at 50% value, so Crippa will need a big one this week if he is to improve, or even just maintain his rank here.


11 – LACHIE NEALE (15)

Starting to trend up again, with 30+ disposals in two of his last three outings, as well as a big 11 clearances in his last game against the Saints. One more solid game in the guts, and Neale is pushing top ten again. Some would say he should’ve been there all season.

10 – GARY ABLETT (7)

The Little Master is slipping a little in the rankings, but his body of work ensures he doesn’t fall too far. Missed R11 due to suspension, and with the bye and subsequent loss the week after, Gaz has taken a bit of a hit, but his 24-disposal outing against the Tigers in their R12 win pulls him out of the fire a little. With those behind him pressing, Gaz needs a big game in the next two weeks to retain his spot in the top ten.



I don’t think there is a question that Cameron has the potential to be the best key forward in the game, but then he has these weeks where he looks like he’s had a big night on the turps the night before, and the hard work just doesn’t seem to be there. It’s a very “young man” kind of effort, and in truth, it’s hurt him here. His last two games have reaped two of his lowest outputs for the year, with a collective 22 touches and two goals.

I suppose it is testament to what he’s produced previously that he is still sitting inside the top ten.


Ranked first in contested possessions, and riding his monster outing against the Suns, Cunnington’s position in this ranking is starting to resemble his position over the footy – he is hard to move. That game against the Suns saw him rack up 38 touches, as well as 14 clearances  – the fifth time this season he’s hit double figures in that area.


Amazing consistency from Treloar this season. He has hit 30+ disposals in 10 of his 13 games this season and is showing no signs of slowing down. He has also had 10+ clearances in two of the past four games, entrenching him in our top ten.



I’m not sure anyone expected him to a) play at this level this season, and b) be able to sustain it. Over the past four weeks, he has averaged a massive 35.25 disposals per game as he has well and truly established himself as Adelaide’s number one mid in 2019. The lazy eight clearances per game over the last four haven’t been bad either.



Is it biased to say I am actually barracking for Boak to give top spot a shake? I mean, there’s no reason for it, really… after seeing him played as a half forward. I just love him back in the guts with the Power. He is averaging career-high disposals, and has hit 30+ in his last three games, meaning he is well-positioned for a run at the top depending on what’s happening with the two big guys, and what he can produce in the next fortnight.


E4 – TIM KELLY (2)

He really hasn’t done much wrong this season, has he? Aside from a week where he lowered his colours against Matt de Boer (no shame in that), he has been very consistent, with 30+ disposals in six games, and a string of three straight games with 10+ clearances. There’s not much Kelly hasn’t done. He’s hit the scoreboard, had a game with 11 tackles and has stolen the thunder of his highly-regarded teammates this season


3 – NAT FYFE (17)

So Fyfe is now putting up better season numbers than the year he won the Brownlow, and the scary thing, he is getting better as the season goes on. He has had 30+ in the last three games and continues to score well in both clearances and contested touches.

There were some who questioned his defensive intensity, and Fyfe has responded by being the most desperate player on the park in most games.


2 – MAX GAWN (3)

He’s back. Gawn had a slow start to the year by his high standards, and he has been playing catch-up ever since. And he’s almost there.

He had one of the most comprehensive victories against Brodie Grundy I’ve seen, and is simply refusing to fall into line with the rest of his teammates who seem to be stuck celebrating 2018’s prelim berth. Grundy and Gawn meet again in Round 21 in a game that way well shape where these two finish.



Grundy bounced back from his Gawn-inflicted hiding with a hiding of his own. In fact, Grundy’s efforts against the Bulldogs were the second highest score of the season under this format. He also holds the number one score.

Grundy’s body of work is impressive, and it would take a monumental effort to overtake him from here.



Well, it looks like it’s on again  – Grundy v Gawn for supremacy, and courtesy of Gawn’s resounding win against Grundy when they clashed on Queen’s Birthday, the gap has narrowed significantly.

Grundy got the jump on Gawn this season, but Big Max’s last 5-6 weeks has been outstanding, including three games where he was clearly the best Melbourne player on the park. Over the past month, he is averaging 24.25 disposals and 36 hit outs per contest. Not to be outdone, Grundy hit back with a monstrous R14 outing against the overmatched Tim English.

Gawn gets to have his crack at the inexperienced Bulldog in Round 17 in a contest that may go a fair way to dictating who will end up number one. How so? Grundy’s two biggest scores this season have come against English, and those scores, compared with Gawn’s in the corresponding rounds, are enough to make up the difference between the two.

Slotting into third, Nat Fyfe has had an amazing run of recent times, averaging 31.5 disposals and 7.75 clearances over his last four games, with his Dockers going 3-1 in that period.  He has a great body of work behind him, and as much as this system rewards players on the burst, it helps to have a history of solid performances.

Tim Taranto’s ascension to #14 may come as a surprise, but he really is the complete midfield package at the moment. Looking at him, there is a bit of Elliot Yeo about him, inasmuch as he works both ways, and has registered double figures in tackles on three occasions. Yeo has done it five times.

Big drops for both Shannon Hurn, who was hurt by a relatively quiet week after the bye and a week missed due to injury. The Power Rankings are a harsh mistress, as he had a few periods toward the top of the pile, and was the number one defender at one point.

The fall of James Sicily has not been as pronounced, but Clarkson’s decision to play him up forward has meant he has not feasted on the intercept possessions and rebound 50 stats as he usually does.

Great to see Reilly O’Brien continuing to climb the rankings. His game against the Tigers, compiling 19 disposals, 54 hit outs, seven tackles and six clearances was enough to have him ranked as the best ruckman that week.

So, who can shake the tree and cause a couple to fall? Patrick Cripps is on the fringe of the top ten, but has a great set of numbers behind him that would really benefit from a big couple of weeks. Ditto Lachie Neale, who has continued to be good, without absolutely smashing it, stats-wise over the last month.

Travis Boak, with just one more big game, could start making real inroads to the top two as well. He has had an amazing season to date, particularly when Kane Cornes speculated that he wasn’t good enough to play in their midfield at one point. I like Kane, but this is almost up there with his “Jaeger O’Meara is the worst trade ever” call. At least he puts it out there, I guess.

 Vinyl Media has got you covered for all your signage and printing needs. Give ‘em a yell when you need some work done and they’ll look after friends of The Mongrel.

Vinyl Media has got you covered for all your signage and printing needs. Give ‘em a yell when you need some work done and they’ll look after friends of The Mongrel.















It looked like a bit of a Tiger exodus from the top 50, with Houli taking a big tumble, mimicking that of his team. The Tigers have dropped three in a row, and without those sweet, sweet bonus points for winning, those on the borderline had dropped right down the list.

Luckily, there is a cure for this illness sweeping through the club. It’s called winning, and it cures more than just Player Power Ranking issues.

Lachie Whitfield’s injury ruined his re-ascension up the rankings, and Rick Henderson, despite good numbers, missed by a small margin on a few triggers, and with the Hawks falling in a bit of a hole, he has followed suit.



Connor Rozee has been in and out all year, and has been bobbing up around the #50 mark a bit. This week he just falls out but is poised to make another run. Bachar Houli isn’t far away and can make a nice little run if his team can start getting over the line a little more often.

Looking at the last four weeks, Conor McKenna has a huge game in there but will need a bit more to get a berth in this list. Charlie Curnow also looked good in the Blues’ narrow loss to the Dogs, but the difference between being 2-11, and 5-8 probably costs him a place. Tim Membrey could make a run at the top 50, as could Jack Billings, but how the Saints go in coming weeks will dictate that… and also the future of their coach. Personally, I think he’s a dead man walking.




GWS – 5
















It’s amazing and probably understandable that the Tigers have no one in this time around. They’re 0-3 in the last three games. Throw a bye into the mix, and with players down across the board, it hasn’t been a great month for the Tigers. With a host of stars set to return, that may change pretty quickly.

The Cats with the most representatives makes a lot of sense. With just two losses for the season, they have had players starring all year.

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See ya in two weeks. Stay Mongrel.

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