1. Richmond win games when they aren’t even trying.

Many tipsters trying to make up ground thought Essendon might be able to upset the Tigers due to five players being rested and Essendon clinging to a slim chance of still playing finals. What we saw was a game where the Tigers were always in control and even relaxed for the last ten minutes while the Bombers charged. They still hung on for a win. This team is so far ahead of the rest it’s not funny. What would be funny is if they fell at the final hurdle in true old-school Richmond style. Come on Tigers, just for old time’s sake?

2. The Pies are going well, but they have still only beaten one side in the eight.

Could they have been the beneficiary of a soft draw? OK, fine! I admit it – they’ve been very impressive, but you can’t hide behind the fact they’ve only beaten Melbourne in the eight and have lost to all the other teams. And next week they’ve virtually been handed four more points against Freo. They’ll finish Top 4, and possibly end up in Perth where the West Coast may have a few players back and things could get ugly for them. At least I hope they do.

3. Ross Lyon ain’t the coach he’s made out to be.

After conceding a record 23 unanswered goals against Geelong, Ross Lyon finally decided to make a change five minutes after the final siren. Does anyone still think Ross Lyon can coach? And after a 133-point pummelling, why is his job not on the line? He’s a very lucky man. So lucky, in fact, he can (allegedly) make suggestive comments to female staff and STILL have a job! Surely another year like this will be his last?

4. GWS are running out of players fast.

Pretty soon, Steve Silvagni will have no-one left to pick from in trade period! Losing Phil Davis will be a big blow for GWS moving forward. Their campaign is on the brink despite being possibly one of the only genuine threats to the Tigers. And yes, can you believe that Carlton are still eyeing off more GWS players? It’s time for SOS to think a bit more outside the square when trying to build Carlton’s list! Either that, or we just cut our losses and merge the two clubs!

5. Nick Robertson should keep quiet.

I’m guessing after nearly going down to the hapless Suns, Brisbane’s Nick Robertson has been given a big can of STFU! Who didn’t see this coming? Every time a player trash-talks the opposition, we know it’s going to bite them on the arse. Or, in the case of Nick Robertson, the head, as he could be seen leaving the ground with blood pouring off the back of his skull. Best he talks less in future. Very lucky man…

6. Close games can still be boring.

During the last quarter of the Saints v Hawks game, I posted twenty-eight times on Facebook! Their last quarter was like watching paint dry and getting your arse sandpapered at the same time. An early goal and that was it. An effort like that next week sees Sydney making Top 4 at the Hawks’ expense. That’s incredible considering I had them finishing 9th just three weeks ago. I guess I should’ve known better before writing off the Swans. If you’re a Swans supporter, you simply get the best value in the AFL from your club’s never say die and buy forwards for a million bucks a year attitude.

7. The Blues need to set an alarm.

Carlton fought valiantly against the Dogs only to fall asleep for 15 minutes yet again and lose the game. The Blues would have an improved win-loss record if Paddy Dangerfield got his wish and the games were shortened. I know it’s always pretty standard for poorer sides to go missing for periods in games, so perhaps as a Carlton fan, we should throw our support behind Patrick Dangerfield’s suggestion that we play shorter games. It might help the Blues stay in the game for more of it. And I’m sure Paddy will gladly agree to take less pay for less game time? And the AFL will reduce the cost  of attending the games too, right?

8. The Dees have finally beaten a top eight side!

And they did it on the road. The rest of us can take advantage of cheap deals at Mt Buller due to mass-cancellations. It had to happen eventually, and good on them! They’ve officially made finals. I’m actually hoping they get further than the first week. I’m certain if they do you’ll be able to head down to the Melbourne Football Club and pick up some very cheap lift tickets that their supporters will no doubt be keen to offload knowing full well it might be another 20 years before they see finals action again.

9. Has Ben Brown lost the Coleman?

His Coleman medal campaign hit a road block in the name of forgotten man Andy Otten. He might just have earned himself another year at the Crows after keeping the boofhead goalless. Poor old Ben Brown. He’s now two goals behind Jack Riewoldt in the race for the Coleman, with Buddy and Tommy breathing down his neck. And with Tommy’s Cats playing Gold Coast this week, I can see another bag coming on.

10. The Top eight looks settled now.

Unless Gold Coast can do the unthinkable and beat Geelong, that is. Then Port have to beat Essendon. Winning 13 games and missing the finals is rough! So it’s come down to this: 13 wins might not be enough to play finals. The results went against Port this week. Their only chance was for West Coast to beat Melbourne. But it wasn’t to be. Now they either have to pray Gold Coast play the game of their life and topple the Cats in Geelong, or they’ll just need to beat Essendon by roughly 320 points. It’s a mathematical possibility!! One week left before finals. Round 23 coming up soon. Can’t wait.

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