1. It’s a shame that the Carlton Football Club will only be able to get rid of 8-9 players at season’s end.

OK, I’ll declare it now. I’m a Carlton supporter. It seems like during this rebuild, we’ve made decisions to give some less than worthy footballers (and I’ll use that term loosely) a spot on our list. What is amazing, and more than a little bit sad, is that after 42 changes in three years, it’s still NOT ENOUGH!! And the talk is they’re only planning on moving on single-digit numbers this year.

Like many Carlton supporters, I’m praying the likes of Casboult, Lamb, Graham, Rowe, Kerridge, O’Shea all miss the cut. I’d get rid of more if I could. And if SOS recruits his other boy Ben, we know who holds all the power at the club!

2. Melbourne still can’t beat anyone in the eight.

They’re just not that good, kids! They will not win another game this year but still may limp into the finals. By my predictions, Melbourne could lose their next two games, and it will come down to the Port Adelaide v Essendon game to decide if they play finals.

Now that Ryder and Dixon look done, I give every chance that it will work out in favour of Melbourne, with the Bombers winning. But, even if they do qualify, Dees supporters should still look at week 2 of the finals to plan their snow trip. You see, when you make finals, you ONLY play other teams in the eight, and Melbourne have simply shown that they cannot beat anyone at their level or above.

3. If you need a winning goal scored after the siren, anyone with the surname McGovern will do….

Port Adelaide were 8 points up after Robbie Gray scored a behind with less than two minutes remaining. And we know what happened next!

As soon as I knew it was McGovern lining up from 40m after the siren, their fate was sealed. I remember Mitch doing it to the Pies at the G last year after Collingwood led by 50 points at one stage and a Mitch McGovern kick on the siren leveled the scores.

I daresay these two brothers did a lot of goalkicking practice together growing up! And if it’s true that Mitch wants out of Adelaide, if SOS can find a brown paper bag full of cash to lure him across, he should do it – as long as he doesn’t self-report after the fact.

4. The football Gods have deserted us!

Alex Johnson has just jarred his knee and it doesn’t look good. Hopefully it’s anything but an ACL – a torn meniscus, some cartlidge damage or a strained medial ligament – just not an ACL.

But we all know, don’t we?

I think the football world took a collective breath when Alex went down. It doesn’t look good. To be honest, I have no more words…

5. How does bringing in a player like Gary Ablett Jr make a side worse??

I’m completely at a loss to understand how a midfield with Dangerfield, Selwood and Ablett is so lowly rated in clearances. We all thought Ablett was the icing on the cake and a spot in the top four would be assured. Geelong are capable of beating anyone on their day, and they’re also capable of losing to anyone if just a couple of things go wrong.

I guess getting Ablett back is like getting back with an ex-girlfriend. Whilst the love is still there, maybe the hurt remains? Or maybe there isn’t enough room in the centre square for three massive egos?

6. Jack Riewoldt beat the Gold Coast Suns on his own by 15 points!

Jack Riewoldt: 10.6 (66) v Gold Coast 7.9 (51). All of a sudden the race for the Coleman just got interesting again! I’d say that, at this stage anyway, that’s pretty much all Ben Brown has left to play for, but he has been stuck in a low gear for weeks now.

7. Buddy v Melbourne at the MCG is fifteen wins against zero losses!

Is this just another curse? It’s incredible to think that every time Buddy Franklin, whether in his days at Hawthorn or now with the Swans, has never played in a losing side to Melbourne at the MCG.

Melbourne were heavily-favoured in this game as well, and rightly so. Sydney managed to hold them off even with two down on the bench!! I’m telling you, there’s more to this – it’s a curse!

8. GWS are the only side capable of beating Richmond

Despite their growing injury list, In think they can do it, but they’ll need some players back. Shiel, Griffen and Taranto face tests this week. They have more depth than Rupert Murdoch’s pockets!

It’s incredible to see the contrasting fortunes of the two expansion teams, and how one got it so right and the other so wrong. They’d lost their way for a few weeks early in the season, but now they’re humming along nicely.

No-one else will threaten the Tigers. The Eagles and Pies give them a run, but too many injuries to too many key players almost counts them out. The Giants have their share of injuries also, but with more first round picks on their list than Trump haters in California and New York, they just have more guns to bring in!

9. Nathan Brown will no doubt face the tribunal after his bump on Adam Saad

It’s a daunting proposition, but I’m guessing he’s more concerned about facing up to Adam’s Lebanese cousins if a few car-loads pull up outside St Kilda training!

The debate about the send-off rule rages on. Saad went down early, but it didn’t really affect the result. I say keep him out there. That way, Adam Saad’s cousins can have a really good look at him and wait for him in the carpark!

10. De Goey’s stellar season continues for the Pies

Yeah, he’s been looking great, but he’s just hanging for the off-season so he can get on the piss and go for a drive!! Jordan is flying! He’s now looking like their most important player. A lot of the Pies’ fortunes rest on this kid’s shoulders, so it’s just as well Dane Swan is no longer at the club to lead him astray! It’s bad enough he’s caused Dusty’s numbers to drop.


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