Each week, the team at The Mongrel will plonk down at their laptops (as we really don’t want to see each other in person) and wax lyrical about the big happenings in a weekend of football.

We were going to call it Monday’s Experts, but given it’s Tuesday, and none of them are experts, we thought better of it.


Hawthorn v Geelong early frontrunner for game of the year?

Rich Anderson – It’ll be hard to top. I love that these two teams get up for each other like this. The Holy Trinity rose to the occasion late in the game but it wasn’t enough.

Stella SS – How many times did Danger get away with holding the ball in the last quarter?

HB Meyers – At least two.

Stella SS – More than two.

HB Meyers – I wasn’t counting.

Rich Anderson – I just like that he willed himself into the contest. Unlike say… James Sicily. I thought he was a shocker.

Stella SS – Too busy trying to be a tough guy and turned the ball over too often.

HB Meyers – I wasn’t a fan of his inability to stick that mark on the half back flank late in the game. Ball went straight to Geelong and they goaled.

Rich Anderson – Also dropped his knees into Selwood. A week?

Stella SS – Yep, sadly.

HB Meyers – Can’t see him getting out of it without a week. Was worse than Nankervis last week.


Is Joel Selwood’s tactic to draw high free kicks not in the spirit of the game?

Stella SS – It’s as close to blatant cheating as you’ll find.

HB Meyers – I’m not a Geelong supporter, but I think if the rule is there to exploit, you exploit it. He’s not ducking. He’s lowering his whole body and drawing the free. Puopolo does it, and did it for Hawthorn as well.

Rich Anderson – Luke Shuey aint bad at it either.

Stella SS – So playing for free kicks is OK? The umpires need to get smarter about it.

HB Meyers – Playing to win is OK. It’s not illegal.

Rich Anderson – That wasn’t the question. Is it against the spirit of the game?

Stella SS – Yes, definitely.

HB Meyers – I don’t think so.

Stella SS – Ugh!

Rich Anderson – I’m on the fence.


Just how bad were the Saints?

HB Meyers – Terrible. Their performance was one of the worst I’ve seen. Good conditions, mediocre opposition and they were atrocious.

Rich Anderson – They kicked five goals for the game. That’s an AFLW score.

Stella SS – Now, now. AFLW games are shorter and are either played in torrential rain or stifling heat. It’s like a rule or something.


Are the Bulldogs done?

Stella SS – As a genuine threat? Yes they are. They are nowhere near the team they were two years ago, when they finished seventh.

Rich Anderson – They won the flag that year.

Stella SS – From seventh. They played one good month of footy and it was at the right time. They were a decent side then, but they’re no longer that side.

HB Meyers – Have to agree. You take a guy like Matty Boyd out of that side. He was a 27+ disposals for seven or eight straight years. Yeah he was getting older, but what he gave to that team you just can’t replicate. Plus you add some of the younger guys not coming on like they thought they would – Wallis and Smith; they’re the guys who were gonna pick up the slack, but they’re not in the side. Libba’s hurt, Dahlhaus isn’t as competitive as he was and Bont…

Rich Anderson – What about Bont?

HB Meyers – Playing average footy.

Stella SS – Wow. Maybe they need someone like, hmmmm Jake Stringer?

HB Meyers – Not based on his performance against Freo. No one needs THAT Jake Stringer.

Rich Anderson – He’s up against the Bulldogs this week coming.

Stella SS – He’ll kick six.


How good are Port Adelaide?

Rich Anderson – I watched this in person. Swans are a hard at it team but the Power not only matched them; they were better at the coal face.

Stella SS – What did you call their kid? Marshall was it?

HB Meyers – Sticks Marshall. He’s got limbs like toothpicks. Worked for him – three big goals in that kind of pressure game. I liked Wines’ game. Solid all night.

Rich Anderson – He sure was. Outdueled Kennedy, Hannebery and Parker in the middle, which happens how often? Never.

Stella SS – I’d still like to punch Chad Wingard in the back of the head.

HB Meyers – Any reason?

Stella SS – Just looks punchable.


Tim Broomhead’s injury – worst you’ve seen?

HB Meyers – Nathan Brown’s one was as bad.

Stella SS – Why was he sticking his leg out? No chance of making contact with the ball.

Rich Anderson – It’s called desperation.

Stella SS – Desperation?What was he desperate to do? Make it look like he was trying? The ball was well and truly over the line already… ahhh, I just hope he makes it back.

HB Meyers – Brown was never the same. Horrific injury.


Did you enjoy seeing Alex Rance get towelled up by Josh Jenkins?

HB Meyers – Yes! Loved every second of it.

Stella SS – Brought a smile to my dial.

Rich Anderson – He bounced back well in the second half.

HB Meyers – Yeah, playing on a second-gamer and zoning off. The minute he went back onto Jenkins, he had another one kicked on him.

Stella SS – Greatest defender of all time, though, right?

Rich Anderson – Come on, a couple of them weren’t his fault.

HB Meyers – The holding free kicks, or being outmarked? Which ones weren’t his fault?

Rich Anderson – Well he’s supposed to get a chop out from guys like Grimes and Astbury; the same way he helps them.

Stella SS – He’s supposed to be able to beat his man, or at least break even. He was trounced.


And while we’re on Adelaide, Darcy Fogarty; what are your thoughts on this young fella?

HB Meyers – I think I’m in love. Copped a $1500 fine for playing the game his way. The AFL will slowly take that out of his game.

Stella SS – Thoroughly deserved the number 32.

Rich Anderson – He plays the game with a physicality not seen these days. Guys like him, Selwood, Martin…

Stella SS – Esteemed company.

HB Meyers – Was just looking at something about him. I haven’t seen him credited for this, but Ellis-Yolman takes a mark about fifteen out in the third quarter. The protection that Fogarty gives him to take this mark is phenomenal. Just seals off his man and allows his teammate to contest. Wonderful team play. Then he smiles. He looks like he has a bit of Mongrel in him!

Rich Anderson – You have a man crush.

HB Meyers – Yeah, a little bit.


Your three highlights of the weekend?

Stella SS

The Hawthorn-Geelong game. Just good, hard, ripping football. Had me on the edge of my seat as the Cats were coming hard in the last.

Tom Lynch making a mockery of Liam Jones zooming off him. I think his pricetag may have just gone up.

And maybe Alex Pearce’s job on Joe Daniher. While other forwards are getting bags, we had Pearce reminding people that he can play.

Rich Anderson

Taylor Walker standing up after everyone was questioning his team. He and Rory Sloane were fantastic on Thursday night.

Buddy’s 50 metre snap around the corner at the SCG. One or two other players could make that kick without the pressure. Franklin is a freak.

Josh Jenkins’ first half against Alex Rance. Set the Crows up for their win and made a few experts eat their words, both about Rance and himself.

HB Meyers

Jarryd Roughead’s last quarter. A lot of people will give Da
ngerfield, Selwood and Ablett the attention – they were huge in the last, but how good was Rough? Clunking marks the way Hawks fans thought he would when they drafted him.

Stephen Coniglio headed up forward. His three goals, including his two in a row to give the Giants the lead, were massive. He could be a sneaky chance for the Brownlow this season.

Sticks Marshall’s coming out party. I love when a young bloke stands up in a big game and makes an impact. Well done, Sticksy!


And one lowlight?

Stella SS – Scully and Broomhead. They’re season-enders for both guys.

HB Meyers – James Sicily. Undisciplined and beaten in too many contests. His lack of effectiveness could’ve cost Hawthorn the game.

Rich Anderson – Take your pick between Carlton, St Kilda or the Western Bulldogs. I expected so much more from all of them.


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