The Giants made hard work of it, and looked nothing like the team that manhandled the Bulldogs last week, but in the end they had enough in the tank to get over the line against Collingwood, by 16 points.

Here’s The Mongrel’s Good, Bad and Ugly.



Jeremy Cameron v Jeremy Howe

It’s not often you get a genuine head to head match up between two stars of the game, but high marking Jeremy Howe matched up on Jeremy Cameron for large parts of the game. Their one on one contests were a highlight, and though they would have different opponents throughout the day, it was when they encountered each other that people took notice.

Cameron finished with with three goals and took nine marks for the day, whilst Howe was quite prolific running out of defence, compiling 27 touches to go with his nine marks.

Looking forward to seeing these two match up again in the future.

Coniglio up forward

With Josh Kelly, Dylan Shiel and Toby Greene running around, Coniglio flies a bit under the radar. I wonder how long that’ll be the case? He was excellent today, and that was before he started drifting forward.

Coniglio finished with three goals, including a miracle snap from the right forward pocket.

It was his two late goals that not only kept GWS in it, but inspired them as well. He stepped around a defender and kicked his second of the day, and minutes later he took a contested mark and slotted another to give the Giants the lead back. High quality game from Coniglio.

Pendlebury still an A-Grader

Earlier this week, Mike Sheahan said that Pendles was no longer an A-Grader. Pretty harsh on the basis of one game against a Hawthorn team that made it their mission to limit the time he usually has. Today he found the time again, mostly. Even we were a bit down on him last week, statng that he is usually great but just wasn’t last week.

Pendlebury answered the criticism today, and was  excellent in compiling 30 touches. His vision and poise was back, and his delivery of the footy was back to being… well, Pendlebury-ish.

Jeremy Findlayson

We all love to see a defender back himself and go for it, and that’s what Findlayson did today. In just his third game, the Giants’ defender was close to the best backman on the ground.

He collected 23 disposals, 21 of which were kicks, as he repelled multiple attacks when the heat was on.


Jonathon Patton

The big man didn’t have a great day. He gave away untimely free kicks and got possibly the best falcon of the weekend when the ball clonked him straight in the face from a boundary throw in.

He had a chance to redeem himself as he received a handball on the run, 50 metres out from goal. He lined up and slammed it… out on the full. From there the Pies went the length of the ground and had a shot at goal. Luckily for the Giants, and Patton, they missed.

Experiment over?

So with all the talk about Darcy Moore becoming a gun centre half back, and how it was to develop his game, where did Moore start the game?

As a forward.

The absence of Ben Reid obviously prompted Moore’s move to the role he played last year, but it didn’t last long, with Moore leaving the ground in the second quarter with what was thought to be a hand injury.

Sadly, it was a bit more and it was revealed that it was actually a hamstring injury.

So, I guess that’s that in terms of Moore becoming the great CHB this season…


The Injuries

No jokes here. Two horrid injuries in the first quarter set a heavy tone for the game.

I don’t want to downplay the injury to Tom Scully at all. His fractured ankle was a shocking result for him, having worked his backside off to get back into the team. Scully is a running machine, and time off his feet will hurt his elite endurance a little.

Once he gets back, he’ll have a bit of work to do to get back into the team again. Good luck, Tom.

The other injury was disastrous. Tim Broomhead thrust his leg out in the faint hope of making contact with the ball as it drifted over the line. He missed, but he hit the post. Hard.

If you don’t want to google the result, think Nathan Brown’s broken leg, or more recently, Paul George in the USA basketball trials. Brutal injury.


Dylan Shiel directly assisted on three goals, including the first two for GWS.

What a great touch by Heath Shaw, running up to the injured Tim Broomhead as he was on the stretcher. Classy.

Darcy Moore’s smother on Lachie Whitfield and subsequent goal was a genuine highlight. Far out he looks like his dad when he gets a gallop up.

On several occasions we saw Pendlebury v Patton in the ruck. Talk about throwing a couple of thoroughbreds in amongst the donkeys.

At times the Giants looked like they were trying to be too unselfish. Sometimes you just need someone to take the bull by the horns and kick the bloody goal! Handballs are brilliant when they work out, but when the pressure is coming from all angles, all you’re doing with in close handballs is putting someone else under the pump.

I thought Deledio started showing a bit. Loved his strong tackle on Pendles, earning him a free kick.

Dylan Shiel cramping in the third quarter was a concern.

Treloar running into the open goal – was there an instruction to the GWS defenders not to leave their direct opponent under any circumstance? They all held back.

Best passage of play saw Jeremy Cameron mark at half back and hit the running Whitfield in stride. It was the perfect kick, and it had to be. Whitfield then put the foot down and kicked 55 metres across his body into Langdon’s path. He ran onto it for a goal. Exquisite play.

Someone likened GWS to a team doing blue collar work early on. The tables really turned. The Pies did so much grunt work but just lacked that touch of class in the end.


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